Where and How to See the Shutdown and Startup Log in Windows 11 and 10? Quick Solution Here

Open the recovery screen by following method #2 and click on Troubleshoot. Boot into the recovery screen by following the instructions in method #2 . This will restart your Windows 11 PC and try to fix the Blue Screen of Death error. Wait for your computer to finish restoring. Once it does, you can resume using your computer as usual.If the Blue Screen of Death reappears, you may need to restore an earlier backup. But the good news is we have five solutions you can try to fix this memory management error. Now go to your motherboard’s manufacturer’s site and search for your motherboard model number by pressing Ctrl + V. Usually, from a hardware side, damaged RAM can often cause a Stop code to occur. Blue Screen of Death ErrorWhen a user encounters a BSOD error, they can search online using the Stop Code mentioned at the bottom of a Blue Screen Of Death error screen. Boot to the recovery screen by following instructions in method #2 . After that, open Troubleshoot and click on “Reset this PC“. Open the recovery menu by following method #2 and move to Troubleshoot. Get a special security update You can also press […]

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