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Best Intercom Integrations in 2023 for Customer Support

Best Intercom Integrations in 2023 for Customer Support

intercom or zendesk

You can create new articles in a simple intuitive WYSIWYG text editor, divide them by categories and sections and customize it with your custom themes. However, it’s obvious that they’re crafted for different use cases. Intercom is more sales-oriented, while Zendesk has everything a customer support representative can dream about.

  • As for the category of voice and phone features, Zendesk is a clear winner.
  • One place Intercom really shines as a standalone CRM is its data utility.
  • Similar to Zendesk, Zoho Desk is a universal customer support tool with great integration capabilities and excellent value for money.
  • With this tool, you can automate your lead routing so that it ends up with the right sales rep.
  • In the category of customer support, Zendesk appears to be just slightly better than Intercom based on the availability of regular service and response times.
  • In particular, you can integrate your Refined site with any platform that has a widget feature, including common support and custom relationship software like Zendesk and Intercom.

Integrating Zendesk with Intercom can enhance your productivity and streamline your workflow. By connecting these two apps using Appy Pie Connect, powered by AI, you can automate repetitive tasks, reduce manual effort, and achieve better collaboration between teams. Zendesk offers a basic plan that is affordable and will suit my needs. However, I do recommend Intercom for eCommerce stores that may need to integrate the features with their store. Zendesk Chat shows up as a chat bar docked at the bottom of your site. With that in mind, take another look through this guide as you begin to narrow down your choices.

Great customer experiences start with the Messenger

This option is useful for those who are looking for a smooth switch from Zendesk to Intercom. Zendesk stands out as a champion of customer support due to its easy-to-use work-frame, many useful add-ons, and features in all tiers. Therefore, to gauge if your chosen help desk is effective or not, you use analytics.

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However, customers can purchase multiple Intercom plans to use together, or purchase add-ons to select just the features they want. Zendesk wins the self-service tools category because it provides extensive help center customization options. Users with light access–such as knowledgeable agents and supervisors–can be added to tickets for browsing and feedback. While light agents cannot interact with the customer on the ticket, they can make notes and interact privately with other team members and agents involved with the ticket.

Different Criteria Used to Differentiate Zendesk & Intercom

It is also not too difficult to program your own bot rules using Intercon’s system. The best help desks are also ticketing systems, which lets support reps create a support ticket out of issues that can then be tracked. Ticket routing helps to send the ticket to the best support team agent. In the category of customer support, Zendesk appears to be just slightly better than Intercom based on the availability of regular service and response times. However, it is possible Intercom’s support is superior at the premium level.

  • Zendesk also has the Z Bot, which will take your knowledge base game to the next level instantly.
  • One of these differences is the ability for agents to connect to customers through their own apps versus using a collaboration feature.
  • Their template triggers are fairly limited with only seven options, but they do enable users to create new custom triggers, which can be a game-changer for agents with more complex workflows.
  • Zoho Desk is a support-focused offering from the Zoho suite of tools.
  • Intercom on the other hand lacks many ticketing functionality that can be essential for big companies with a huge customer support load.
  • But that doesn’t mean you have to completely switch from your current provider if you’re not quite ready.

Such customization allows users to tailor the look and feel of both their customer-facing knowledge base as well as their internal knowledge base to that of their brand. Talk is built into the Ortto marketing and customer data platform, so your team has all the data they need at their fingertips to provide personalized, relevant responses, faster than ever before. According to its website, Drift’s main goal is revenue acceleration. With Drift, your live chat isn’t limited to support, making this your tool of choice if flexibility is something you’re looking for. Another great add-on that ClickDesk offers is the ability to integrate your social media tools with live chat, helping to increase followers and engagement from your website. So it will transmit the live data on the users and what they are doing in your app.

Intercom Versus Zendesk: Support

Zendesk is a comprehensive all-in-one tool that provides companies with customer service management functions and other customer service-related features. The platform is popular because it offers many options for companies of all sizes and budgets, making it appealing to enterprises and startups. Many businesses find Help Scout to be a complete customer service software that takes both the agent and customer experience into consideration. Another thing that makes Help Scout so attractive is that there is a refined feature set and intuitive interface that make the system simple to use.

  • Best alternative to Zendesk for e-commerce businesses looking to streamline their customer service and support capabilities.
  • The bot feeds customers and employees the relevant articles upon making a query.
  • The Intercom Messenger, in particular, performs well compared to the Zendesk alternative.
  • We sell a high-touch, high ASP product (caskets) and have scaled to where we’re adding several more customer service agents to our company.
  • Intercom has more customization features for features like bots, themes, triggers, and funnels.
  • For example, transferring companies is relatively easy, as both platforms have a similar concept of a company object with similar fields.

Administrator reports allow managers to observe real-time CSAT scores, conversation volume, first response time, and time to close. The entire thread is saved within the ticket for future agents to reference. Agents can add each other to internal notes within a ticket, looping in team members to collaborate when necessary. For example, you can assign all inbound technical queries to an engineer; or, assign all pricing queries to the sales team. Automation and AI save resources and time–every automated workflow and routing decision frees an agent to work on more complex issues. With so many solutions to choose from, finding the right option for your business can feel like an uphill battle.

Intercom Tag to Has Submitted Wufoo Form to Submit New Zendesk Ticket

Gorgias is an excellent option for small businesses that use Shopify, as this software is focused on eCommerce and small businesses. However, Gorgias is set apart from the competition thanks to its integrations with BigCommerce, Shopify, and Magento. Both platforms share integration features, a knowledge base, a shared inbox, and automation capabilities.

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Intercom Inbox has features that vaguely remind Zendesk Support, but the offered package Acquire customer (Messages and Inbox) is more paralleled with Zendesk Support + Chat. Erika is Groove’s Customer Success Manager, committed to helping you find the right software solution for your business needs. She loves finding innovative ways for your support team to scale and grow, always putting the customer first.

Email marketing

Intercom doesn’t have a built-in feature for escalations, so for level 2 and level 3 customer support, you will need to use an integration. The chat enables you to send targeted, behavior based Zendesk messages to customers. In 2014, they acquired Zopim, a Singapore based live chat company. The tool was later integrated with Zendesk, making it more robust. Best Zendesk alternative for organizations prioritizing CRM integration and personalized customer service. Their internal chat lets you discuss issues as well as create group chats with team members, share drafts, mention teammates, and use emojis and reactions.

intercom or zendesk

Top Zendesk alternative for businesses looking to deliver top-notch customer support with efficiency and ease. Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise-level organization, we’ve got you covered. Its service also offers automated ticket distribution, workflow automation, automatic notifications, and more to create a seamless support process for your team. LiveAgent is an Intercom alternative you might want to consider as it offers a number of support features that Intercom doesn’t. Built-in call center support, SLA management, audit logs, and success managers are all available with LiveAgent’s tool. Because it offers so many different options, this is a great Intercom alternative for large and enterprise companies who need sales and service solutions at scale.

Lack of company-wide access

Insights provides advanced reporting and metrics but is available only for the Professional and Enterprise plans. Zendesk will give you the option to transform your interface to match your brand. With familiar customization tools, you can easily tailor the look and feel. Say what you will, but Intercom’s design and overall user experience are leaving all its competitors far behind. It’s beautifully crafted and thought through, and their custom-made illustrations are just next level stuff.

Is Zendesk better than Intercom?

Zendesk is billed more as a customer support and ticketing solution, while Intercom includes more native CRM functionality. Intercom isn't quite as strong as Zendesk in comparison to some of Zendesk's customer support strengths, but it has more features for sales and lead nurturing.

Zendesk has also introduced its chatbot to help its clients send automated answers to some frequently asked questions to stay ahead in the competitive marketplace. What’s more, it helps its clients build an integrated community forum and help center to improve the support experience in real-time. Welcome to another blog post that helps you gauge which live chat solution is compatible with your customer support needs. And in this post, we will analyze two popular names in the SaaS industry – Intercom & Zendesk. Zendesk and Intercom are robust tools with a wide range of customer service and CRM features.

Benefits of Integrating Zendesk with Intercom Using Appy Pie Connect

It’s virtually impossible to predict what you’re going to pay for Intercom at the end of the day. They charge for agent seats and people reached, don’t reveal their prices, and offer tons of add-ons at additional cost. If you’d want to test Intercom vs Zendesk before deciding on a tool for good, they both provide free trials for 14 days. But sooner or later you’ll have to decide on the subscription plan, and here’s what you’ll have to pay.

intercom or zendesk

What is the advantage of Intercom?

As it is a two-way communication device, intercoms also allow the visitor to answer back to you. This way, any dangerous incident of forced entry can be avoided.

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